hiba hashmi

Passionate about creating a digital world for all walks of life. Eager to learn from mentors, friends, and experiences.
UX Designer

hello, i'm hiba!

I am a junior studying Design & Production at the University of Texas at Dallas. I am also a first-generation Indian American and the eldest daughter of four. Growing up, I didn't know what I wanted to be, although I always knew what I represented and who I was; leader, sister, friend, daughter, and an independent Muslim woman. It was in my senior year of high school when I noticed myself enjoying talking to people and designing a yearbook that spoke to them. I appreciated hearing stories and experiences from different backgrounds and being able to feel things that I had never been through myself. I believe that conversations that begin with empathy can solve even the world's hardest problems, and that is why I am a UX Designer today.

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my projects

Aladdin Connect Cover Photo – 1.png

UX Design, User Testing

Designing an approachable and intuitive process for users that depend on Aladdin Connect to guard and control their garages remotely.

NewsSpike Cover Photo.png

User Research, UX Design

Creating an inviting platform to allow individuals in the Dallas community to get involved in local politics and issues.

The Beanery Cover Photo.png
The Beanery

User Research

Conducting research to define the needs and wants of UTD college students for a new coffee shop near campus. Coming Soon 

eLearning Cover Photo.png

User Research, UX Design

Redesigning the UTD eLearning website for busy students that need to keep track of classes, schedules, and assignments. 


my other passions include...

listening to podcasts

travelling the world


It is my dream to visit Turkey one day!

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